Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shows, Bond, Frosty Mornings & Ageless Disgrace Making

Another beautiful frosty morning, all crimson leaves, watercolour sky and iced lawns. Of course this means I am suffering from November lurgy and am on the sofa sniffling looking forlornly out the window. Maybe I'll get the paints out and cheer myself up by creating my own bit of watercolour sky...

Have had a busy few weeks with craft shows left right and centre, not much work I hear you cry but I do have to transport my shop life in the car about twice a week at the moment, on the plus I'm getting Arnie style biceps (in my mind) from all the crates lifting and calves of a cyclist with regular 8 hour standing sessions! Things are going pretty well but some of the shows don't seem to have many people...a distinct disadvantage when you are trying to sell things! So fingers crossed and come on internet don't let me down! (unlike most of university first year when the internet let me down repeatedly...don't have 18 year old boys as friends is the moral message.)

On a much more exciting note I went to see Skyfall and my favourite Bond girl ever Judi Dench, she is just so damn good! So for at least 2 hours (or 3 with adverts) I had a roller coaster life of running, guns and more running...I don't think I'd be cut out for that 7 days a week....maybe driving, slap fight, walking...
The highlight of the whole cinema experience though happened before the movie had even begun...dark cinema, film trailers playing, The End of Watch trailer is playing (gritty, loud, cop drama with Jake Gyllenhall lots of shouting and shooting) the credits for that film come up and a lady of about 65 shouts at the top of her lungs 'BORING!' and her husband next to her just turns and snaps 'Not now Judith!'
Popcorn stops being crunched, quiet advert chattering stops and my boyfriend is having to hide his face in his jumper to contain his laughter...he almost choked on said overpriced popcorn. The  moral of this story is you're never to old to make a bit of a disgrace....or to be told off for it!

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  1. That's hilarious about the lady shouting out and her husband telling her off! LOL!
    I heard someone say they hope the next Bond movie is just Bond at home on the sofa drinking tea and waiting for his Ocado order to arrive, he must be exhausted! I can't wait to see it, not seen it yet, but hoping to soooooon!
    Hope the craft fairs pick up soon and the internet keeps you going in the meantime xx