Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chapels, Findings, Norse Ancestry and Possible Religious ties

Well it's been a busy few days which mainly seem to have been in the car! With bags of beads and jewelry findings I set off for what turned out to be 8 hours in the car to Edinburgh to assuage Grandma visiting guilt, travelling with my engineer father I got a blow by blow account of the building of many power stations/bridges/the occasional mill and spaghetti junction and I am now an expert on the strut repairs in Birmingham. 

Having made it to sunny Edinburgh (a miracle in itself) I persuaded everyone to be historical and we went to Rosslyn Chapel which was amazing, not only because yes I have read the Da Vinci Code but also because I studied it at Hull Uni with my dear Mr Townend and also I think I'm probably related to the family that built it. I can hear the skepticism but hear me out...

1) My middle name is's built by the St Clairs!

2) They are originally from the are my family!

3) That family has Norse does mine!

So I managed to resist putting a sofa in front of the pews and telling people to get out of my house but I figure I should have at least got a discounted key ring and pencil.  Anyways in amongst finding out I'm at worse part owner of a lovely chapel and at best according to Dan Brown a descendant of Jesus I also managed to find the time to make some pretty jewelry :) There are bows, pirate ships, treasure chests, ceramic fish, zebra and elephant! More to follow this evening.... so feel free to check them out if you want....discounted Chapel visits with every purchase*

*I have no authority for Chapel discounts....but can give you one of the postcards I bought if you really want

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sailing, Sewing, Molding and Gaining!

A busy day....well it could have been busier but the Olympics is ADDICTIVE!! I am now an expert on gymnastics, swimming, sailing etc but while they're doing a lot of exercise I think I'm gaining stones in my new  12 hour day tv watching lifestyle! I did use the sport for some inspiration today though and made a fun sailing cushion whilst Ben Ainslie rode the rough sea in the background!! Check it out if you like! I also made a couple of very cute clay of them to follow soon if they survive their cooking!! Hope you're all enjoying the Olympics as much as me :)

Sailing Cushion!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Blog and Exciting Times!

Wow well here I am writing my first blog post! It has been a manic couple of months getting to this point but now I am up and running on Etsy and Folksy and am a busy bee of sewing, painting and claying!  Spent yesterday making cutesome bird bunting and fighting a temperamental sewing machine! Also spend a small fortune on new jewellery findings and I am so excited waiting for new pendants as well as inks and clay :)  I may be broke but I couldn't be happier! Come and visit the shops and see what you think or

or come for a chat or to ask any questions at

Can't wait to see where this leads me! :)