Monday, March 4, 2013

Dancing, Printing, Springtime and Witness my Fitness

It's been a busy few weeks with birthdays, meeting my first nephew and trying to get ready for spring! I turned...older (27) in January and had a little get together with some friends. You know those people who bring out the you that 3 pm to Just Dance on the Wii....sober.  I love those friends I become more fun instantly, well fun/loud/please Emma go and sit quietly for a minute - anyways good times were had by all. Though most importantly I won at Articulate, I become mildly competitive with that game and I'll admit some people got shouted at!

I have also decided in my old age to get fit(ter) and have bought a couple of exercise dvds, this is a great idea because now the only witness to my lack of fitness is my hamster, gerbil and when the bus passes the upper deck! I can now sweat and jump with the co-ordination of a headless chicken in privacy :) Also I can swear at the instructor which I find helpful, 'You can do it, go faster! Isn't this fun!' 'Fuzunschnuzun fun I'll show you fun and I am going as goddamn fast as I can woman!!'

March has also arrived....pretty sneakily I think as I'm sure it was January a minute ago, though judging by my walk yesterday the weather still thinks its January. I'm trying to get the shop all ready for Spring time and have been busy lino printing t-shirts with designs I created - so far pigeons, foxes, cats and Monsieur Miaow! I'm thinking a rabbit next as in theory Spring is here - or at least on its way! What do you think?

Anyhoo please check out my new designs (and older ones!) and thank you for your continued support and patronage in 2013 :) Much Spring time joy to you all - and I'd love to hear any 2013 exercise joys/woes from you all!! Till next time :)

Also free UK postage on jewellery, tshirts and tote bags this March :) and a cool Mother's Day necklace is up if you haven't got that special prezzie yet! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Present Drought, Water Colours and Easy Things Being Very Hard...for me

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all other good wishes to you all! :)

I have survived another festive season, tree was amazing (ok mainly because I decorated it and there is not such a thing as too many decorations), presents were ace (new boots, books and mittens why yes I will thank you) and new hobbies begun!

The main problem with this time of year (apart from near family disasters, an almost missing Grandma and too many hours in the car) is that me and my boyfriend have our anniversary in November, then its Christmas and then its both our birthdays in January! So not only are we at this point broke we are also fresh out of you think he'd notice if I re-wrapped his anniversary gift?! Or maybe he really would like the stereotypical bottle opening belt calculator in the 'gifts for men' sections on websites....actually maybe he would....internet here I come!

As well as fabalous new boots I also received two 'hobby' items for Christmas.  The first was new brushes and water colour book to improve my painting, so far so different from the ones in the book...not helped by the fact he says I need 25 specific paint colours (including such excitements as new gamboge, burnt umber and french ultramarine) which I don't have all of and so I guess. This sometimes leaves me with a mud brown bush instead of a pale green one and a lemon yellow haze in the sky. But progress is being made slowly but surely, and I'm sure art is meant to have a personal touch :)

However progress in painting makes me look like a wunderkind compared to my Christmas knitting set. Wow. I mean really wow. Five hours in and I had the original loop I had tied to the needle. I mean it's a children's set for starters and everyone seems to be could I not follow the little pictures?! When I finally got about 4 casting ons on they then somehow fell off the needle and left me with that goddamn loop again ahhhh!....Anyway I have persevered and with a mere input of about 9 hours I now have two lines of ten bobbly, baggy stitches and I've never been so proud! Knitters on Etsy you truly have nothing to fear!

Right off to continue my water colour painting and I have set the afternoon aside for the next five stitches :) Happy New Year and I would love to hear from you in the comments! 
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