Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Showtime, Rice Cakes and International Woman of Business

This Sunday is the start of 'show season' which sadly is not Broadway or circus related but is the start of 6 weeks of craft shows round the country (ok Ross on Wye, Keynsham, Monmouth and Chepstow) but still in my mind it's similar to being a rock star except with more gluing and sewing and less being awesome.  Anyways with the prospect of 'showtime' and hopefully a good few weeks online I have been busy  making jewellery, cushions, Christmas cards/stockings and clay animals (Yes I know its early to be thinking about Christmas but from what I've read I should have been thinking about it in May!)

Also a recent business plus has been my moving from fledgling enterprise to international worldwide business enterprise. Ok I may mean I've had a sale to Berlin and one to Australia but in my mind I have translated this to Boston StClair airlines, hotels, record stores (not trains that looks tricky). Still it is pretty cool to imagine someone in Oz wearing my earrings and another in Germany reclining on a pillow I sewed...maybe I'll need a headquarters...I'm pondering the merits of a hollowed out volcano (pluses: no need for gas bills, good defenses; minuses: high risk of lava related death, probable remote location for a good postal service). Talking of hollowed out volcanoes I must go see the new Bond.

Ok I will return to my volcano/living room lair of glazing, sewing and gluing...though people near me be warned I am starting a stupid wheat and lactose and fun free diet so am on rice cakes, rice milk, rice and a potato for 2 weeks (not optional diet I hasten to point out.) I imagine 4 hours in I will begin a fortnight of being a jerk...or committing a spree of burglaries of other peoples kitchens :) Thanks for reading and have a good week!  (Btw for fellow nerds Game of Thrones necklace below and online at my shop!)
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  1. What a funny lady you are, I've really giggled reading this! I hope you do well at the shows and that your new eating regime will help your health. Sending things abroad is very exciting isn't it, congratulations!