Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween, Spandex, Illness and Alfreds

Well it's been a while since my last blog mainly because my life has been absent of grand excitements (no Everest scaling, lottery winning or learning to play the ukulele).  I have been living vicariously through others by getting the Avengers dvd, watching New Girl and FINALLY seeing Dark Knight Rises.  Avengers was awesome and I am suffering from Tom Hiddlestonitis (soon to be a recognized illness) as that man is the definition of great though I am also loving the cast of New Girl as season 2 has kicked off even better than season 1.  And finally Batman which I wierdly was sort of hesitant to see, it had been built up so much I was kind of nervous to see it, I needn't have been. Anne Hathaway aced it as Catwoman and Tom Hardy did the best 1/4 face acting I've seen(the bits I understood the mask needed a speaking hole.) 

Aside from debating the merits of wearing spandex, trying to create a carbon copy of Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe and wondering if Michael Caine would come and be my butler I have been sewing, metal stamping and preparing for a crazy November of craft shows. My flat currently resembles a recently burgled HobbyCraft crossed with my room at uni in Hull....bad times (hence the need for Alfred).  Though on the plus I have rediscovered my love for Keeping Up Appearances possibly one of the greatest tv shows ever, I exaggerate not! It has cheered me up as I battled the terrible disease of season changing which seems to cause a mixture of sickness/headaches etc, you'd think after quite a few thousand years of development humans could cope with a bit of weather change! Anyhoo back to making Christmas stockings, gotta start early in the cut throat world of online crafts :) and attempting to put eye ointment on Alfred (not the one in Batman....though that would be a movie I'd pay to see as my Alfred is a Russian hamster). It's a glamorous life....maybe I should climb Everest?

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