Monday, September 10, 2012


Saturday was show day! Off I went to the Usk Show with a car full of tables and wares :)  The half 5 wake up call did not allow any time for the mass panic which filled Friday, which was just as well as by the time we arrived at 7am we had a ton to do, marquee was wrestled with, balloons blown up, earrings laid out and confetti drastically cut back when my dear father/chauffeur/assistant mentioned the word's 'tacky, ruined it and cheap'.....thanks Dad! But in the end the stand was ready in time for the 9am punters arrival. I found out over the course of the day that 12 degrees and thick mist for some people equals shorts and t-shirt weather, leather chaps and hotpants are an interesting choice of agricultural show outfit and 12 hours on my feet is about 11 and a half too many. In the end it was a good day, people were very nice and bought my wares :)  I will be putting up new jewellery today so if you like t-rexs, wolves, elephants, russian dolls, zebras or music today is the day for you! More to follow in the next day or two. I leave you with a photo of me getting to grips with pneumonia at 9am at my stand! Thanks to all who came and visited and those who couldn't it's all steadily getting put online. Thanks!

New Jewellery:

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