Monday, September 3, 2012

Felt, Stress, Fantasy and Waiting for TV

Well it's been a little while and I apologise but I am in the midst of show panic! I am branching out and having a tradestand at the Usk Show this Saturday so have been waking up with felt glued to my face, getting high off varnish fumes and thinking about wearing mittens due to all the needle holes in my hands :(  at last though slowly but surely I have stock and all the paraphanalia that comes from having to have a physical shop not just an online one! Who knew you needed so much kit! Luckily I have been begging and stealing mainly with a bit of customising thrown in! 

In amongst this busy bee lifestyle I have also found the time to get impatient with the summer tv hiatus.  Thank god for the Olympics, Paralympics and new Futurama which are saving me from too much work whilst I wait for September's new series :)  (except damn Game of Thrones not on till next year!)  I am also distracting myself from fantasy tv with fantasy reading, currently the final book in Mark Charon Newton's Red Sun Series which has been a real eye opener for adult, original, industrial, violent fantasy and I have really enjoyed it, anyways check it out if you are in need of new fantasy hit!  Also enjoying spreading the fantasy word with new Harry Potter, Wheel of Time etc badges....possibly the Usk Show may not get these....but that's what the internet is for :)  Ok back to fighting felt and sewing fingers, roll on the end of the month when I can make excuses and escape to fighting vampires, being a socialite and living with my mates and being kooky! Yey!

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