Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree, Craft Show and Not So Smart Phone

My official mini flat Christmas tree is up and if I say so myself it's pretty awesome! I mean for a start it has a polar bear on the top (already onto a winning formula) and also has homemade baubles and in front of it a light up polar bear and the cutest ever fuzzy polar bear....yes I do like polar bears! Photos will follow when I can work out how to use this smart phone...

Okay so up until today I had a thirty pound Samsung that made phone calls, sent texts and survived life in my pocket but from today I have a 'smart' one of us is not smart ( I fear it's me).  This smart phone is two years old already and I am still acting like a panda with a smart phone, pawing the screen and growling at it.  So far I sent a text to Virgin that was meant for my now they know I can't find the internet but I love them.  Not a great start. I have managed to type in all my contacts....not quite contact anyone though...and I want angry birds star wars...but where are they?!? They have obviously gone back to Tatooine.

As well as technological troubles I went to a two day craft show at the weekend and talk about slow. On the Saturday there were more traders than customers! Most disheartening but I did sell a little and got to watch my dear father chat to all the lady stall holders....I think he enjoyed himself! Picked up on the Sunday but I still think I could have had a naked dancing Brittany Spears holding armfuls of puppies and kittens and not got many more sales...but profits were made in the end thank god! Right off to attack some lino and try and charm my phone...maybe if I talk nicely to it through the microphone bit? I think I may have a lot to learn...where are you angry birds???

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